Canoe Hire

We have a range of 16ft Canadian Canoes available for rent. Whether just off for the day paddling or planning a camping or fishing expedition, we have got you covered.

PRICE: €30 per adult - €15 per child (U17)
Duration: 3.5hrs

(Full Day): €50 per adult - €30 per child
Duration: 6hrs

Overnight: €60 per person

Take a self-guided Canoe journey along the charming shores that is Cavan's Hidden Heartland. Whether for fitness or adventure or just for a bit of craic, we welcome all types of paddlers from beginners to advanced. A Canoe is the ultimate adventure craft. It will carry all the gear you need and then some. Highly suitable for camping trips, picnic trips or carrying other types of equipment.

There are many different routes that you can choose to explore, each with their own strengths. We will show you the maps, educate you on navigation and set you on your merry way.

We highly recommend a camping night beneath the stars.


What To Bring

Here are the essentials

  • A spare change of clothes (just in case)

  • Towel

  • Spare shoes

  • Bottle of water + snack

  • Phone + waterproof case

  • Appropriate dress for the weather (jacket or shorts, it is your decision)

  • Wetsuit (if you have one) We provide wetsuits on a necessary basis


Lough Erne Map